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  • Location: 172 S Pantops Drive, Suite B, Charlottesville, VA 22911
    Date: March 18, 2018
    Time: 2:00 p.m.
    League Attendees:  Becky Hurt (Madison), Alice Riccabona (Northside), Joe Trent (Fluvanna), Matt Dickerson (Fluvanna), Kevin Norris (Greene), Aaron Anderegg (Greene), Thomas Rao (Rockville), Ben Jones (Peachtree), Shana Kirby (District V)
    Missing: Lane and Prince Edward

    Review Last Year:  Issue #1 was brought up last year by Rockville about districts causing a lot of hardships by starting while their kids were still in school.  The regional, state and district tournament dates are determined by the World Series, which requires all tournaments that come before it to be completed by certain dates.  The other schools in District V (besides Rockville) are all on basically the same schedule.  Rockville’s last day of school is June 14th.  The leaders of the leagues of District V graciously agreed to start and schedule their tournaments after school lets out for everyone.

    Issue #2 was brought up about the tournament books and whether there was a need for physical books when the information could be shared and submitted electronically.  The Babe Ruth Rule Book establishes the requirements of the credentials and prefers at this time to keep the process as is.  Everyone gets down to the beat of a different drum and some leagues are far more advanced than others when it comes to technology.  

    Issue #3 was brought up about the coaches being required to wear pants during tournament participation.  The uniform standard is a policy of Babe Ruth and as of now is unchanged for the 2018 season, coaches will have to wear pants (should be completely matching uniform with the team) this year.  However, I hear there is A lot of complaints and feedback being given on this issue and would not be surprised to see this changed in the near future.

    League Boundaries: The leagues of District V do not have their current boundaries on file with Babe Ruth.  Most leagues submitted their boundaries for review with the group to discuss.  Everyone needs to agree and be on the same page of where the boundary lines are for every league in our district.  There are several open and gray areas that we need to get clearly defined within our leagues boundaries.  The areas of Louisa, Orange and Spotsylvania do not currently have Babe Ruth Leagues and are open territory for the leagues that exist around them.  
    In the cases of kids wanting to play outside of their boundaries for other leagues:  It is ok for this to happen as long as the two Presidents of the leagues involved agree to allow the child to play for the other league and that the child and their parents are made aware up front that All Stars will not be a possibility for them under any circumstances.  

    Babe Ruth League Scholarship:  Babe Ruth gives away about 10 scholarships a year for Baseball to former Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth kids for college.  There is an application and qualifying criteria detail on the Babe Ruth website under “scholarships”.  This is a good thing to pass down to your families who may be interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.  

    Babe Ruth of Virginia Grant Program:   There are grants offered by Babe Ruth of Virginia to help chartered leagues within its boundaries for facilities improvements and equipment assistance.  The awarded funds range from $500-$1,500 per grant.  Applications must be submitted by September 1st.  If you are interested, please fill out the application form in your packet (I can email you one if you need it) and send it to me to approve and submit to the state.  
    9’s State Tournament:  The 9’s State Tournament will be hosted by Rockville Baseball League on July 5th 2018.   

    State Forms:  The Virginia Babe Ruth website is a very useful tool.  The documents download center is where to find the most current Babe Ruth forms for insurance, instruction manuals, rules/policies, brackets and the forms needed for the credential books.  These forms are updated by the state sporadically; the Consent for Treatment form has already been revised for 2018.  The verification of School Attendance Form needs to be filled out and placed in the books for any child who lives within one leagues boundaries but goes to school in another leagues boundaries and plays for them.  The form does not need to be approved by the Commissioner or the State, just the leagues President where the child plays.  The Blanket Waiver has been released for 2018 (there is a copy in your packet) and should be in every credential book.  Please make sure everyone uses the most up to date forms. 

    Umpire Fees:  The 2018 umpire compensation schedule for tournament play is:
    T-Ball & Rookies                 $40
    9, 10, 11 & 12’s                   $45
    13, 14, 13-15, & 16-18’s    $55

    2018 District Gate Pass: The gate pass will stay at $275 for the 2018 season.  
    League Host Planning for Districts:  Hosts, the participant orders and dates have been set for the district tournaments except for the 13-15’s age group (see attached brackets).  All leagues will need to declare their team’s participation for certain by May 15th so that the official brackets can be set and submitted to the state.  If a team that previously declared they would participate drops out of the order, the other teams would move up in the list.  If a team that previously declared they would not participate gets a team together to play, they would be entered at the end of the list in the bracket.

    Babe Ruth Test Pilot Program:  Permission was granted by the Babe Ruth Board of Directors to allow 16 year old players to participate in their local leagues 13-15 division if an age appropriate program is not offered in the area for the rec season.  The players will not be eligible for All Stars under any circumstances.  

    World Series Additions: Four divisions have been added to the World Series tournament trail for 2018.  The first 8’s player pitch, 8’s machine pitch, 9’s and 10/70’s



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